Transhumanism is Here, and not Leaving

This will be an ever developing page devoted to commentary and resources against transhumanism, alongside scripture that is both explicit and implicit about it. Transhumanism will likely be the pinnacle of The beast system which will be initiated by the resurrected Nimrod (wether he has been resurrected yet, or not is debatable.) It will be here that there is no turning back for those who have transformed, and there will be no place on earth for those who have not. Be prepared, for the transhman agenda is darker than its proponents let on, and that is saying much because even what they propose is grim enough! When it arrives, people will likely be very fearful of not submitting to it, not necessarily only for fear of those implementing it, but much more so due to fear of the person’s ability to exist in the world without doing it.

Transhumanism is claimed to be a philosophy that looks towards the “betterment” of humanity by enhancing our physical beings beyond what they are capable of now, generally through the use of hardware/software electronics. This philosophy is extremely reliant on evolution to stand at all, because it assumes that the nature of man could be much better, but that man is at a state where he can speed up, or even take full control, of his “evolution”.

However, this is one of the highest degrees of blasphemy, as it claims that YHWH did not make people very well, and so that we must change that (of course, the everyday transhumanist likely does not even believe in YHWH; that does not make Him go away!).


Here are some links to particularly interesting resources regarding the transhuman agenda, and the various implications of it in the sense of the final days of humanity. : This is in fact of the first things to come up on a search, but its blatant propaganda is too obvious to dismiss. However the “great words spoken against the Most High” written in here are sweet, and can easily lure one into the trap of transhumanism, so read cautiously, and consider the other information and proposals which will later follow which speak against this. : This is an interesting list of proposed transhuman terminology. Note that there are various colors of “goo” (pink goo being particularly notable, as it pertains to those of us who obey YHWH and His Turah, and have the High Priest/King Yahushwa, and in this life are seeking to break from as much of the material “civilized world” as possible while we wait for YAH to bring His promise to us). Even by the mild exposition made by this list of terms, when considering pink goo, it is clear we are going to be a nuisance for the “enlightened” civilization.