The Importance of the Messiah

There are in this age many more people who recognize the truth of the Hebrew scriptures: what is called the “old testament” writings and “the new testament” writings. These people do not account for much of the world population, but are much more than they had been. These individuals accept the scriptures, but reject christianity and judaism. They know of the Creator and that the whole Turah (Torah, law, etc.) is necessary to keep, in order to properly serve the most High, YHWH, and obtain His promises.

However, there is an horribly unfortunate circumstance coming to be lately, and this is that many in this renewed movement are looking over the “new testament” and deciding that Yahushwa, the anointed, is false, and has no bearing on the TaNaK. This is false, and  their claims will be discussed further with various scriptures and discussion

Interestingly enough, their claims seem to be the same as the claims of one class of jewish anti-missionaries, whose sole purpose is to make people think that Yahushwa was not the anointed. These anti-missionaries have no other purpose. They are trained explicitly on particular matters of scripture, and to explain them in such a way that would seem to render the Messiah a false one, much like how the Jehovah’s witnesses are trained to do preach their doctrine. Just like a Jehovah’s witness, they are taught on particular areas based on the common christian interpretation of scripture, and have their arguments based on that. Should one present the true spiritual understanding of all of the scriptures—including the “new testament” —then they would likely silence themselves as the Jehovah’s witnesses do, as they are not taught how to deal with the profound spiritual truth of YHWH; but rather, they only know how to deal with the shallow worldly constructs of the christian religion, and so they would have no rebuttal against true wisdom. They do not have spiritual wisdom, but rather they have worldly indoctrination at the hands of men, and they teach this, because they are not given true spiritual wisdom from YHWH.
So people who once claimed to be following truth of spirit, and not religion, are now considering the same arguments as proposed by a militant division of one of the most powerful religions in the world, and believing them for the same reasons: because they look at the scriptures and the world through worldly eyes, and not spiritual ones.

Unfortunately, for those who were sown on rocks, worldly pressures will dry out their seed and starve it to death, and that is what is happening.

The Grave Error of Rejecting Yahushwa

The first thing one must consider before wondering if Yahushwa is true, and if he is necessary or prophesied of, first we must consider who he was and is, and what it means to reject him. When we know of this, we see how serious this is, and why these people are in an astounding paradox. Let it be clear: these people claim that the whole Turah must be kept, and recognize its complete validity in all areas. They claim they believe that the whole of YHWH’s system is prefect, good, and necessary for mankind—all aspects of it.

This is the paradox of their rejection: These who claim YAH’s Turah as perfect—including the Levitical, A’haronic high-priest system of sacrifice for atonement for sin—are declaring that they do not need a Lewitical high priest descended from A’haron. YHWH set up a very particular system of atonement in the Turah and these people say that they do not need it. Without considering their choice and actions before doing it, they have just blasphemed half of the Turah of YHWH. They have decided they will keep the covenant commands, but chose that they don’t need YHWH’s system of atonement to atone for them when they mess up. They are therefore going to to do what?— something other than what is written in the Turah.
The Turah Never changed, and never will. There will only be change in the new Creation, when there is no sin, and therefore no need to atone for it. As of now, there is still sin, and therefore, the perfect system of atonement that YHWH created still stands; only, now it is done by SHILOH (Meaningless in English, but in Hebrew, an acronym for “the one which it belongs to”), and it is done in the heavenly place that Mosheh (Moses) made a copy of on earth.
If one chooses to keep the Turah covenant, and yet rejects the atonement system, then they might as well live as the nations, for their sins are not covered, and they die for eternity, as the nations shall die. This should make perfect sense.
These people also reject the line of the king anointed by YHWH, and will have to choose some other king, just as the book of Maccabees records was done over two thousand years ago. However, these people have a king chosen for them already, as does the rest of the world. This is desperately sad for these people, but also frustrating, as these individuals are now spreading these lies to persuade others to fall from truth, and thus to death.

The True Nature of Yahushwa

So who is Yahushwa? He is both king and high-priest in heaven. One who is spiritually reborn into truth should eventually come to the conclusion that he had two human parents. Yoseph (Joseph) was of the seed of David (David), and therefore of Yahudah (Judah) as prophesied. Miryam (Mary) was, however, not of Yahudah. We see in the gospels that she was a direct descendant of A’haron (Aaron), and therefore she had the blood of the Levitical High-priesthood in her (Luke/Luqas chapter 1). Miraym could not fulfill the messianic prophesy of Yahudah, however, there are other writings which describe a messianic figure coming from the tribe of Lewi (Levi) to fulfill the role as the final High-Priest, as well as a messianic figure coming from the tribe of Yahudah to fulfill a final kingship (see the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs).
Here then we have both tribes fulfilling both roles through what YHWH created: a man and a woman. To remove one of these from the birth of the Messiah is to blaspheme YAH’s creation, as he made both man and woman for many profound purposes so as to glorify Him, and to remove the woman’s purpose or the man’s is to erase a major part of YAH’s beautiful creation-to-salvation story.
Now, Yahushwa was a flesh and blood man, as the apostles said numerous times. But what else was he? He was the vessel to bear YHWH within, and few understand this. People want to assume he was either YAH himself, born of part woman and part YAH: the virgin birth. This is a myth, and it is one of the tools the anti-missionaries use to propagate the very lie that people are believing. The virgin birth myth, with Yahushwa being a half-god half man is partially a gnostic belief which claims that Yahushwa was not a man at all, but was just a visible spirit.
The other belief is that he was merely a man, and had no divine nature whatsoever. He was a prophet who was ascended to heaven, which is also the claim of islam. This is what conclusions one comes to when they realize the virgin birth is false. But that leaves many unanswered questions. particularly regarding his return, and how the old prophesies claim that YHWH is coming to do all of the things that the New writings claim Yahushwa will do. Here we ave a conflict which is just as likely to cause others to lose their faith.
He was neither of these two things. He was a human body chosen from the beginning to be the perfect vessel for YHWH to dwell inside of. This is why he is called Wamanual (Emmanuel), because this literally translates as “Al is with/among/like us”.
Despite the fact that close study of the “new testament” shows this nature of Yahushua, it is also explicitly mentioned in the book “The Shepherd of Hermas”, which is a book that no modern bible contains save for obscure oriental orthodox churches. It reads:

5[58]:5 “Say on,” he saith, “if thou desirest anything.” “Wherefore, Sir,]” say I, “is the Son of [Aluhayim] represented in the parable in the guise of a servant?”

6[59]:1 “Listen,” said he; “the Son of [Aluhayim] is not represented in the guise of a servant, but is represented in great power and lordship.” “How, Sir?” say I; “I comprehend not.”

6[59]:2 “Because,” saith he, “[Aluhayim] planted the vineyard, that is, He created the people, and delivered them over to His Son. And the Son placed the angels in charge of them, to watch over them; and the Son Himself cleansed their sins, by laboring much and enduring many toils; for no one can dig without toil or labor.

6[59]:3 Having Himself then cleansed the sins of His people, He showed them the paths of life, giving them the law which He received from His Father. Thou seest,” saith he, “that He is Himself Lord of the people, having received all power from His Father.

6[59]:4 But how that [YHWH] took his son and the glorious angels as advisers concerning the inheritance of the servant, listen.

6[59]:5 The Holy Pre-existent Spirit. Which created the whole creation, [Aluhayim] made to dwell in flesh that He desired. This flesh, therefore, in which the Holy Spirit dwelt, was subject unto the Spirit, walking honorably in holiness and purity, without in any way defiling the Spirit.

6[59]:6 When then it had lived honorably in chastity, and had labored with the Spirit, and had cooperated with it in everything, behaving itself boldly and bravely, He chose it as a partner with the Holy Spirit; for the career of this flesh pleased [YHWH], seeing that, as possessing the Holy Spirit, it was not defiled upon the earth.

6[59]:7 He therefore took the son as adviser and the glorious angels also, that this flesh too, having served the Spirit unblamably, might have some place of sojourn, and might not seem to hare lost the reward for its service; for all flesh, which is found undefiled and unspotted, wherein the Holy Spirit dwelt, shall receive a reward.

If one is born into the wisdom of the Most High YHWH, they can understand these things, for these are not worldly matters, but heavenly, spiritual ones. So it is this glorified body that YHWH will descend in when He comes to earth, for He will require a vessel to do so, as He has shown many times in the TaNaK. This is absolutely necessary, as YHWH Himself said in Exodus/Shemuth 33:20 that no man can see YHWH’s true form and live. If YHWH is contained within a vessel designed to hold Him, then people can look at him and live, which will be required for mankind for at least 1000 years after YAH descends to earth within Yahushwa.

So it is clear here that implications are grave, but require spiritual understanding to understand. Later, we will have an article written discussing the various points proposed as to why Yahushwa is not true, and showing how these claims are without spiritual understanding. They will then be tested with Wisdom, to prove them wrong. Meanwhile, seek YHWH, and seek His Wisdom, and seek the things of the Kingdom, and not the world.