How to Follow YHWH — Ezekiel 7:13-14

” (13) ‘Son of man, when a land sins against Me to commit a trespass, and I shall stretch out my hand against it, and cut off its supply of bread and send scarcity of food on it, and cut off man and beast from it, (14) even though these three men, Nuach [Noah], Danyal [Daniel] and Ayub [Job], were in it, they would deliver only themselves by their righteousness,’ declares the Master YHWH.” (Ezekiel/Yehezqal 14:13-14) (TS2009)

What can we understand from this, concerning these three men? Is YHWH simply saying that they were all righteous, and so in a city of wicked people only the righteous would be spared? Albeit these were three righteous men, we must look at their natures regarding their righteousness, and compare it to the context of this statement, for these three were indeed righteous keepers of YHWH’s commandments.

Nuach (Noah)
Nuach was a righteous man, but lived during a time when no one else was righteous, and thus it was only him and his small family of a wife, three sons and three daughters-in-law. All the rest of humanity lived wickedly, and Nuach preached to them of returning to YHWH’s commands, albeit they would not listen. The temptation to simply live as the rest of the world—in wickedness—would have been great, as the world was not only wicked, but a fearsome place (described thoroughly in 1 Enoch, as well as in the book of Jasher and the Second Book of Adam and Eve). It was a place which would have been the ultimate place of peer pressure and fear-born complacency. Yet Nuach did not give in, and obeyed YHWH’s voice, and was one of the only people on earth left to do so.

Danyal (Daniel)
Danyal was a captive of the pagan Babylonians, which we read about thoroughly in his book. His captors attempted to have him break YHWH’s commands by following their pagan ways, yet Danyal did not do so. In fact, Danyal was so concerned with not disobeying YHWH that he refused to eat meat and drink wine because he did not know what he was being served, and instead chose raw vegetables and water because it would be impossible to not recognize what they were. Danyal did not trust the pagan king’s food because he did not know if what he was being given was unclean, for a prepared meal, or a cooked meat, could have anything in it and it would be difficult to know.
W see in chapter 6 of his book that a decree was made by the pagan Persians whom he was held captive, which ordered that if any man worshipped or prayed to any mighty one other than the king of Persia, then that one should be thrown into a den of lions (this was designed against Danyal purposefully). So Danyal’s captors arranged that obeying YHWH would have him killed. Instead of succumbing to their will, so as to save his life, Danyal chose to disobey man’s laws, and obey YHWH, and thus was sentenced to die by lions. Daniel did not serve and obey YHWH in secret, so as to save his life, but was open and truthful. Still, Danayal did not die, but YHWH saved him. Despite enormous pressure by the ones who held Danyal captive, Danyal did not disobey YHWH—not even at the command of his masters, nor due to the laws of the country he dwelt in.

Ayub (Job)
Now Ayub refused to blaspheme YHWH and thus disobey Him, despite that all was taken from him, and despite he was struck with a grievous sickness; and despite that pressures around him would have caused weakness of spirit to want to disobey YAH and forsake Him. No—Ayub refused to disobey Aluhayim, and endured his trial, and came out with manifold rewards, and his health fully restored.

From these three men we see not only must we be righteous, but also, we must not disobey YHWH no matter what circumstances, for what is faith if not faithfulness, trust, and obedience? Is it righteous before YHWH to serve Him only when things are going well and easily, and then forsake Him when we are met with pressure to do so? Is it okay to disobey YHWH because everyone else is too? Is it okay to disobey YHWH because those in man-made offices of authority over you tell you to disobey Him? If your boss at work tells you to do anything that would cause you to disobey YHWH, or you will lose your job, then should we assume YHWH would rather you keep you job and disobey Him? Should we disobey YHWH because our national government tells us to do so, or face imprisonment? Is it okay to disobey YHWH when our life’s current situation is not the best? The answer to all of these is “NO!” It is never acceptable, ever, and YHWH does not look favorably on one who chooses to disobey Him for the moment so as to save their flesh in its current state, because this means that this individual does not trust YAH, that He has a future plan of deliverance for them to save them from man’s punishment for their obedience to YHWH, or that YHWH is going to deliver them from their poor life circumstance. If we stay on YAH’s side, and not man’s, then YAH will be on our side, and not man’s, and this is a wonderful comfort, for YHWH can do whatever He desires with the world, since He controls it, and can manipulate it to benefit and protect His faithful people. Man cannot do this with the world, for he has no power compared to YHWH, and the one who fears and esteems man over the Creator YHWH makes a grave mistake, for when we fear man, and obey him to save ourselves, YHWH will set His face against us, and only multiply our miseries.

Definitions of Names
Let us also look at the meanings of the names of these men, in the language of the Eberyim (Hebrews)

Nuach נוח “rest, relaxation, settled, quiet”
May we have rest, relaxation, and be quietly settled in our trust in YHWH our Aluah

Danyal דניאל “YHWH [Al] is the judge”
May we let YHWH be the judge of what is right and wrong, and obey His judgments; and may we let YHWH decree against those who transgress, and administer right-ruling as He deems fit.

Ayub איוב “Opposed, disdainful, adverse, hate / opposition, disdain, adversity, hatred”
May we be opposed to what YHWH sees as wicked and wrong, and hold it in adversity, and hate all things evil, as things we disdain, so that we would never think to do them no matter what the circumstance; for as YHWH is opposed to transgression against the Turah, and hates it, so must we be opposed to the Transgression of His Turah, and hate the thought of it, and never act on it.

So we must remain as these men, and as their names; for if we are not, we will fall into the transgressions of the rest of the world, and will be destroyed along with it. But if we remain as these men and these names, then we will inherit the new world which YHWH has prepared, and come out alive after the chaos and destruction of the old earth.

Praises and thanks to YHWH! And may YHWH give you a blessed day!

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