PERVerted use of Pigs

Man blasphemes YHWH so greatly that not only does he eat the pig, which YHWH said not to even touch the dead carcass of, but these days man even harvests organs from them and puts them in his body when his own organs fail. This is not a life-saving miracle of modern science—it is an abomination.

In the english translations of the scriptures of the Eberyim (Hebrews) we will often see the word “perversion”. Now this one word is used to translate many different words, with these being words such as:
עקש – waqash: distorted, corrupted, crooked, bent, broken, treacherous, reckless, dangerous
עוה – wauhah (or possibly, gh’uhah: corrupted evilly, do evil acts
עמל – wamal (or possibly, gh’mal): evil, mischievous, and miserable work
תבל –  thebel: worthless, evil mixing ; pointless ; confusion

διαστρεφω – diastrepho: through twisting, turning about, convoluting, manipulating (therefore corruptly)
παραδιαριβη – paradiatribey: away from the course/means of the path

So considering that this is a selection of what is often translated as perversion, perverted, pervert, etc., then now, let us look at this article (NOTE: Scrips n’ Foil does not suggest going on websites during Shabbath unless you are certain the website does not collect revenue from each visit) click ⇒here for a link⇐ to a medical journal discussing harvesting pig organs for human organ donations, and a potential side effect.

If you read even just the beginning of the article, you should have noticed that the technical acronym use to describe a disease transmitted from pig donor organs to humans is called PERVS. This is not a joke. This is a government website, openly telling you that the diseases are PERVs, and therefore openly admitting that what they do is a perversion. What is a perversion? See the above words, and you will have the description of the act of putting a pig’s organs inside a human body for the human to use as their own. This is only a joke in that the elites who run the worldly system are laughing at mankind as we all beg them to fix our dying bodies with abominable perversions that will make our bodies completely defiled, and will not at all heal us, but possibly even add new diseases that we would not have even gotten before! They are laughing at mankind as we hand over a year’s wages, or a life-time of indebted slavery (which is also against YHWH’s design) so that we can have something inside of us that makes us fouled, and is a great blasphemy to the creator.

The people behind creating this acronym did not have to use words which would render it as PERV. honestly, is retroviruses is one word, why is it not just PERs? Think about it for a minute.

People, they do not want us on our knees crying to the heavens, seeking YHWH to heal us, if only  we promise to obey His voice, and do His Turah (his guidance and instructions), even though He promised to do these things if we actively sought Him out and obeyed His voice (Deuteronomy/Debarim 7:15). Instead, they want us to forsake our Creator and turn to the sorcerers and practicers of witchcraft to make strange concoctions of abominations to “heal us” in exchange for large amounts of our wages, which we should use for life-sustaining food for ourselves and others.

YHWH does not want your money, so as to rob you. He only want your faithful obedience, and He will then bless you with many things, including healing. The so-called doctors and hospitals, who are merely modern-day sorcerers, only want to make large quantities of money from you, and do not care for giving you true, clean healing. And should you die from their practice, then they fortunately have teams of lawyers and hush-money funds backed by national laws (and not the laws of YHWH) to protect them from having any justice acted on them for their evils.

So who should we have as our healer? YHWH, who created this existence, and controls it, and can do whatever He wants with it (including heal people); or, should we choose simple created beings–people, who use tricks and abominations to steal your money, and have you think you have been healed, but really have been given PERVersions? We have choices. Let us have our trust in YHWH, and not man.

Pigs are created by YHWH for a wonderful purpose! That purpose: to be walking trash cans. Or, they could be kept in pens, and have all forms of foul, unclean things thrown to them, and they will eat it, and dispose of it by putting it in their bodies rather than letting it remain around the environment (an old practice in China was to build outhouses over a pen of pigs, because…the pigs would then consume the the waste, and thereby make riddance of it). Considering this wonderful usefulness of the pig as a trash collecter/trash compactor, it should certainly NOT be eaten or used by us as anything for our bodies. The idea of harvesting an animals organs and replacing ours with them, so that we might live longer, is in itself sorcery, even if the animal parts are of clean animals. However, we just compound transgressions when we add such unclean animals to ourselves.



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