Net Neutrality Psy-Op

It’s Here!


Yes, it’s time for another major psy-op, (alongside recent things like the “blue whale challenge” and the “Great Shake-out“), this time centered on the psy-op of “net neutrality”: yes, a psy-op for a psy-op. As we covered before, net neutrality was never real to begin with, and the advent of U.S. president Donald Trump seeking to “repeal” it is no more than a farce, leading people to believe that Barak Obama was a completely different president than Trump, and that Obama wanted to “help” us and that Trump wishes to “harm” us. Sorry, but they both are working for the same team (yes, Obama is still in the game, serving whatever purpose he serves). There was never “net neutrality” and the suggestion that there ever was was no more than a psy-op to, among other things, see who would believe that they had such freedom. Then came the psy-op which suggested that the non-existent “net neutrality” would be dissolved by the MSM-made arch-enemy of humanity, Donald Trump (Certainly he is a N.W.O. freemason and a high ranking player, but that does not mean the plan is above painting one of its own great players as the worst scoundrel the country has ever seen, especially after succeeding such a highly esteemed and beloved elitist, N.W.O-pushing president as Barak Obama)

So now the new psy-op begins to protest the psy-op against the psy-op—all over the internet are things like the above image, calling people to protest this proposal against “net neutrality” by writing to their congress people stating their dissent and outrage against their government, and providing their name, contact information and home address, while also providing a space to offer a sample of your writing style and vocabulary, etc.

Essentially, this is all just a data collection ploy to collect more explicit information on who is a political dissident, while also seducing them to also give up their identities, and even a sample of their personal writing style; all this while tricking the public to make them think they are getting “in action” about something that they should naturally be upset about, but only because their government (i.e. their “controllers”) is now permitting them to know about it, and it is because they want the masses to know, but did not want them to know that this is internet censorship is currently going on, and has been for some time now.

So what will happen? Will the internet disappear? Will it be replaced with the network of the great eye? Well, we are certainly going to be collated (even more so than we already are) if we give this nonsense “petition” any of our personal information, so do not bother sending this away to congress. Either way, whatever is set to happen will happen, and we do not live in a democracy, wherein the citizens can vote for anything. as for the internet, and what will happen to it: to quote the “champion against the N.W.O.” Donald Trump, “We’ll find out…We’ll see…”

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