Net Neutrality. Is This Issue Truly What it is Being Made to Be?

Lately in the American news we have been hearing much about “repealing net neutrality” under the administration of U.S. president Donald Trump.

Essentially, this FCC bill is said to be instituted in 2015 under the Obama administration, prohibited large internet provider companies  from biasing and manipulating internet traffic (which would allow these companies to govern and censor the internet), seeing as how they are capable of such influence. It would therefore be illegal to do so.

However, this was not the first instance of such net-neutrality laws, just an update of an older one from 2010. ⇒Click Here for a link to the bill
Here are some short samples from the bill regarding the main scope of the bill:



What is being withheld from the public, is that this bill, passed in 2010, did nothing. In 2014 Verizon filed a lawsuit against the FCC for this bill and Verizon won, and was since then no longer under the restrictions of this bill. This lawsuit was heard by a federal court, and ruled by federal judges during Obama’s administration. This meant that Verizon was permitted to censor internet traffic, and bias searches, and prevent people from seeing certain media and internet material. ⇒Click this link to read one of a few articles on this
(We are not implying that this cannot be found; only, that the connections are not made for the public by any media source, and that the individual pieces are now difficult to find without knowing what to look for)

Now if we search out Verizon’s business assets up to Jan 14 2014 (the time they were alleviated from the effects of “net neutrality”, we see what they already had control of:

Yes, they had control of Comcast, Time Warner and Broighthouse wireless networking; CyberTrust, a company based in online data collection and “protection”; and also a company involved in internet interconnectivity between other machines, particularly vehicles such as cars, trucks, etc. These are but a few of their acquisitions before  1/14/2014, and it it is by no means exhaustive. ⇒Here is a link to the full page listing what Verizon owns ⇐(and believe it: as this is their own website, they greatly shroud the nature of how much they own) .

Now immediately after this, Verizon acquired Intel assets, AOL, and finally Yahoo, and more recently some other strange and startling acquisitions, such as a drone service company; more vehicle communications companies, this time for commercial and government vehicles (yes they have military contracts); and a platform to accelerate the 5G network (Please look up the 5G network and its purpose for mind-alteration and psychological control, as we have not yet done an article on it yet, though we hope to soon!).






Essentially, this is the issue:
Right under our noses one of the largest internet providers was granted the right to ignore all net-neutrality issues, and is free to censor as they please. And the top 3 internet providers are: Comcast, AT&T, and Time Warner, two of which are partially controlled by Verizon.

So while everyone is out now protesting Donald Trump’s administration repealing “net neutrality”, the truth is we never had it! The large internet companies which have control over nearly everything have had the freedom to ignore net neutrality for as long as the bill was in place, and conveniently after they had gained such control.

The Elites are laughing at us! Everyone is angry, shouting against the name of “Trump” and angry that the people’s savior Obama is having his wonderful legislation removed. Sorry, but Obama never did anything for net neutrality seeing as how most of the internet’s controllers do not have to oblige. This is nothing more than a show, and is used to divide and distract us from much more important matters, and as well, prohibit us from indeed knowing the deeper scope of the matters regarding internet censorship. So do not fall into the Elite’s mind-game trap of being angry about losing “net neutrality”, because we never had it, and this is all just a huge farce.

(Let it be known, that we at Scrips N Foil do not see Donald Trump as a good force, on the people’s side, who is only portrayed as a villain. He is indeed an Elite, and likely one with more control than past puppet presidents. He is no savior to the American people, or mankind. There is only one Savior, YHWH, who sent us Yahushwa, so that we might be atoned before the Most High YHWH. Indeed the negative portrayal of Donald Trump is part of the Illuminated’s master scheme, and Trump is actively participating in it with full consent and probable enjoyment.)

Unfortunately, due to the advent of this net neutrality issue in recent time, searching for information on the nature of this issue prior to the recent events is difficult, as the search engines and news stories are completely flooded with material from the last 2 weeks, and it seems that little else shows up. Fortunately, we here at Scrips N Foil had done research on this issue a few months ago (before the creation of our site), before this hit, and had some memory of where to return to to put this information on here, albeit it was still difficult due to having to sift through many articles revolving around recent events. We hope you find our information profitable. May YAH give you a blessed day, and may you keep questioning what you are told about the world around you.

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