Is Yahushwa (Jesus / Yeshua / Yahushua) The Messiah?

There is talk going around from people who have found out the truth of YHWH, Yahushwa (normally called Jesus, Yeshua; also Yahushua) and the Turah (Torah or Law). They are now claiming that The Turah is true, and YHWH is true, and the covenant is true, and religions are false, BUT…now they claim that Yahushwa was not real, and that he contradicts the Turah and TaNaK, rather than agrees. As for us at Scrips n Foil, we do not reject the Most High, His Turah, or His plan, and his plan includes Yahushwa as the anointed one of YAH.

Later we will have an article describing the various scriptural arguments that are used against Yahushwa’s truth, and we will refute them with spiritual understanding and wisdom. Meanwhile, here is our article explaining the spiritual nature of rejecting Yahushwa, and why this leads to destruction, and a brief explanation of who Yahushwa was and is.

Granted this explanation of the Messiah will certainly be controversial to christians and many messianic Turah-followers, it is the scriptural truth, and when understood, it purely exposes the blasphemy of rejecting the Most High’s anointed, Yahushwa.

⇒Please Read it Here⇐

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