Image of the Beast?

The identity of the “image of the beast” spoken of in Revelation 13:15 is not explicitly given (though my wife and I believe that it has at least partly to do with re-capping the great pyramid with a sort of Artificial Intelligence “all-seeing eye”) We are given various descriptions of the lawless one–the anti-messiah–and those who seek will piece them together. Here is one reading describing him, from a book that is not too well known: The Revelation of Esdras.

“The form of his countenance [appearance] is like that of a wild beast; his right eye like the star than rises in the east, and the other without motion; his mouth one cubit; his teeth span long; his fingers like scythes; the track of his feet two spans; and in his face an inscription, anti-messiah. He has been exalted to heaven. He shall go down to hades. At one time he shall become a child; at another, an old man.”

This is a strange passage with some mysteries, but also some easily explainable things.

a cubit is 17.5″
a span is 8.75″

This leaves the anti-messiah to have a 17.5″ long mouth, 8.75″ of teeth, and a footprint of 17.5″ (the average footprint of a man is about 10″), making this person a very large person. Additionally, his one eye–his right eye–is brilliant, and the other eye (the left eye) “without motion”, indicating it either being weaker, or, as I presume, not present. As for one who has been exalted to heaven, there is a figure from the past who did just that: the one who built the great tower, and sought to enter heaven, so that he and his princes could usurp YHWH and seat themselves on His throne. When the tower was destroyed, and the languages confused, this man remained in the memory of the people as the one who was the great ruler and uniter of the whole world. This man was Nimrod, known by other names such as Gilgamesh, Odin, Zeus, Bel, Osiris, etc. and according to account legends was immortalized by his son, Tammuz (old man and child).

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