September 23, 2017 and Jacob’s Trouble

As many are aware, there was much sensationalism about September 23, 2017, with talks of raptures and assumptions that the world would end on that day. clearly these were not true, and neither scenarios (both rapture and immediate destruction before new world order of anti-messiah is fulfilled) are scriptural at all. However, that day was extremely significant.

It is written in Revelation/Hazon 12:1-2 of a “woman clad with the sun, the moon under her feet, and on her head twelve stars. And being pregnant, she cried out in labor, and gave birth.” This is what happened on September 23rd. The constellation Leo, along with 3 planets, made a crown of twelve stars over the constellation Virgo’s head, with the sun passing through her during the day, and the moon following by her feet, with the planet jupiter leaving what is understood as her “womb”. There is nothing in scripture to say this marks a rapture or destruction of the world–it says in Rev/Haz 12 that this marks the beginning of afflictions for YHWH’s people, and the start of what is known as “Jacob’s Trouble” in Jeremiah/Yirmeyahu 30, which is the time of affliction of YHWH’s people before He delivers them from their bondage.

Instead of trying to dance around the issue in order to not be offensive, the truth will be told plainly: the so-called “negroes” and the “natives” in the Americas are the true descendants of Jacob (Yakub). They are scattered elsewhere too, as was promised, but they are mostly in the Americas. There are those who know this. For reference to the basic understanding of this, see Deuteronomy/Debarim 28:15-68 ; Genesis/Bereshith 15:13-14 ; 2 Esdras 13:39-47. For those who believe that the 400 years occurred in Egypt before the exodus, according to the jewish tradition that was passed down to christianity, please see the chart in this link which explains the fallacy of that proposal:

Timeline in Egypt

Now, in the circles that know of this matter of who Jacob’s (Yakub’s) true descendants are, they know that the 400 years of Gen/Ber 15:13-14 was begun in 1619 with the advent of the slave trade bringing “negroes” over to the Americas on ships (Deu/Deb 28:68). Because of this, they say that the 400 years will end in 1619. What they do not know is that they are using a corrupt man-made calendar based on the roman god jannaeus, rather than using what YHWH said to use in Gen/Ber 1:14-18, whiten the case of setting the beginning of the year, this would be the sun. YHWH said that spring is the beginning of the year (Exodus/Shemoth 12:1-2) and that is set by the spring equinox. 1 Enoch continues to tell us about this, in 1 Enoch 72, and we see in reading 1 Enoch 72 that the year is 364 days long, no more, no less.

People might be compelled to say, “Then Enoch must be wrong, because we know that the year is 365.25 days long.” This is not the case when starting the year on the spring equinox. After 364 days, the spring equinox starts again, without fail, with only an additional 6 hours added. after 5 years, those additional 6 hours return back, and the equinox is still 364 days after the last, and at nearly the exact same time as the one 5 years prior. There is only a contradiction when we start the year arbitrarily at 12 am on the arbitrarily assigned 1st day of january, rather than starting it whenever the sun sets on the spring equinox.

With this understanding that the year is 364 days and not 365.25 days, and if we realize that YHWH was not setting his prophesies in pagan calendars based on abominable deities, but rather by the signs He created, then 400 years from 1619 would not be 2019, but rather, it would be somewhat half-way through 2017. It should be understood that the beginning of this period of suffering is described as “birth pains” in Matthew/Mattithyahu 24:8. No woman is immediately hit with the intense pain of the actual birthing of a child, and then brings forth the child in minutes. Childbirth begins with a definitive sign–the breaking of the water–and after, the pain of the contractions slowly become more intense and closer together. It does not all happen at once; it happens slowly. Just as we are told the metaphor of the frog in boiling water, wherein you do not kill a frog by throwing it into a pot of boiling water, because it will notice how hot the water is, and jump out. Instead, you put the frog in a pot of comfortably warm water and slowly heat the water up until you cook the frog without it even noticing that the water is heating up.

Seeing as how most people will not fully recognize what the world is going through in regards to YHWH’s plan for it, they will not see the trouble for what it is, and it will slowly creep up on them as they are conditioned to see it not for what it is, but rather as something ordinary, and eventually it will become normalized as the next stage to follow comes into place. But, for those who understand that time is wrapping up, yet who believe that the 400 years has already happened in Egypt, ask yourselves this question: if YHWH was going to bring great affliction upon His people for all of their transgression against Him, but afterward He was going to destroy and punish all the wicked and pagan nations He used to punish His people with, and then establish His people in His kingdom forever, then would it make sense that the great 400 years of bondage would have occurred long ago at a time about half way through creation? Or, would it make more sense if He reserved that time for the end? Read through the old testament prophets: Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Obadiah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Amos, Joel, Hosea, Jonah. Never did YHWH use any of these prophets to speak words saying that he would return His people to their land and let them prosper well, and THEN bring the tribulation on them and the world. No, in all of the prophets which speak on the deliverance of Y’shral, He says that His people would be in bondage and scattered across the earth, AWAY from their inheritance until the time of the end, when he would bring great troubles on them and the world, and THEN he would gather them back to their eternal inheritance with Him, after all was finished. Should all the references be given as to what the prophets said concerning this, it would be a long article. Instead, read the books of the prophets and find out, for they are in there. Perhaps later, another article can be devoted to listing the various passages regarding the deliverance of Y’shral, but as of now, it was more important to get the news out about  the 400 years.

You do not have to believe what is written here. Instead study, and see if what is written here is true, and see if what the rest of the world is telling you is true. For just as one might be inclined to believe that what is written here is not true and not according to scripture; should we also not wonder if what the rest of the world is telling us is against scripture? Yes. Just because the current claimants of the title of “hebrew” and “israel” and “YHWH’s chosen people” assert these claims as truth, and everyone believes it; does that make it true? Or is it likely that the whole world, as the scriptures say, are more inclined to believe a lie and ignore the truth because they do not like the truth. Seek for yourself to see who fits the scripture’s descriptions, and question your reality, and all which you have been told to believe about it. Again, just because everyone says something is true does not make it true.

“Do not follow a crowd to do evil, nor bear witness in a strife so as to turn aside after many, to turn aside what is right.” (Exodus/Shemoth 23:2) [Masoretic]
“Thou shalt not associate with the multitude for evil; thou shalt not join thyself with a multitude to turn aside with the majority so as to shut out judgement.” (Exodus/Shemoth 23:2) [Septuagint]

Clearly YHWH does not want us to believe or follow something just because everyone else does, but rather we should use clear and righteous judgment to discern the truth of a matter.



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