The World has 7000 Years from Start to Finish

There are many different ideas of how old the earth is, and within the various groups that use the Eberyeh (Hebrew) scriptures, there are still many different opinions of what the creation date of the earth is. However, that knowledge is certainly unattainable, but what is knowable, and will be discussed in the article in the link below, is how long the world will exist for, from beginning to end. In order to know this, we must accept YHWH’s ways as true, and the the way that things work by Him, and what He said He would do; and we must reject the vain suppositions of man, which when examined against the plans of YHWH, prove to work at nullifying YHWH’s wonder, and instead seeks to exalt man as a thinker, and exalt what fantastic concepts his imagination can create, which, to one degree or another, do not leave room for YHWH, the Creator of all of this, to have all of the esteem, if they leave Him any at all.

The World Will Exist—From Start to Finish—for 7000 Years


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